36867577_10214691880603671_7454875358161010688_nI’m a DPhil candidate in Philosophy at the University of Oxford (St Anne’s college) and a Researcher, conducting empirical studies, on the Sense of Commitment Project at the University of Warwick. Last year, I froze my studies in Oxford to take up a Procter Fellowship at Princeton University, and as of July 2019 I’ll be a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at York University in Toronto.

Most of my work concerns the nature and architecture of the human mind. I’m particularly interested in perception. In my thesis, I argue that perceptual systems are demarcated by their modularity and the format of their representations. I propose that this clustering of properties results from an underlying type of computational process which acts as the sustaining mechanism of the kind.

Outside of my thesis, I have side projects working on numerical cognition, the role of mirror neurons in joint action, theory of mind, the metaphysics of perception, the evolution of the human mind, human (ir)rationality, speech perception, the extended mind, goal ascription, the KK principle in epistemology, and the contents of perception.