Bio: I’m a MindCORE Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, splitting my time between philosophy, psychology and linguistics. From July 2023, I’ll be an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Southern California. Previously, I got a DPhil from the University of Oxford (2019), and held research fellowships at York and Princeton.

Research: Most of my work sits at the intersection between philosophy of mind and cognitive science, and I’m particularly interested in the non-linguistic mind – i.e. psychological capacities that emerge independently of natural language, and psychological processes that do not depend on linguistically structured representations. 

In recent work, I’ve proposed that humans and other animals possess a prelinguistic number sense which represents rational numbers (for accessible write-ups in the news see here or here/here), investigated the format of our perceptual representations (clarifying the constituents, constituent structure, and syntactic principles by which these analogue representations compose), and argued that human perception comprises informationally encapsulated modules (suggesting that this is evinced, rather than refuted, by plausible forms of cognitive penetration).