‘Aspects of the Theory of Visual Syntax’ (May, 2022), Formats of Vision and Thought Conference, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

‘Seeing Numbers’ (w/ Jake Beck, and comments from Stella Lourenco) (May 2022), Keynote at PhiVis, a philosophy of perception satellite meeting at VSS.

Symposium on the number sense (w/ Richard Samuels, Jake Beck, Stella Lourenco, Yunji Park, Eric Snyder, & Stewart Shapiro) (July 2022) at SPP/ESPP in Milan


Talk on the Number Sense for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic Seminar (HPML) in Southern California (21 January 2022)

Symposium on the Number Sense (w/ Jacob Beck, and commentaries from Oliver Marshal and Geoffrey Lee) (18 January 2022), Eastern APA, Baltimore

‘The Number Sense Represents Numbers’ (1 July, 2021) The Society for Philosophy and Psychology

‘On the equidistance between natural numbers: commentary on Quinon (2021)’ (30 April, 2021) Bogazici University

‘The Number Sense Represents Numbers’ (22/23 April, 2021), Foundations of Animal Minds Conference, Johns Hopkins University (via Zoom)

‘The Number Sense Represents (Rational) Numbers’ (20 April, 2021), The Senior Seminar, University of Glasgow

‘Mapping the Visual Icon’ (16 April, 2021), Colloquium, École Normale Supérieure/Institut Jean Nicod (via Zoom)

‘What Numbers Does the Number Sense Represent?’ (7 April, 2021), Hopkins Perception & Mind Lab (via Zoom)

‘The Number Sense Represents (Rational) Numbers’ (8 March, 2021), University of Sheffield (via Zoom)

‘The Number Sense Represents (Rational) Numbers’ (8 March, 2021), University of Sheffield (via Zoom)

‘The Number Sense Represents (Rational) Numbers’ (29 January, 2021), GTA Animal Cognition Group (with Jake Beck, via Zoom)

‘The Number Sense Represents (Rational) Numbers’ (7 October, 2020), Brown University’s Perception Seminar (via Zoom)

‘Does the Number Sense Represent Number?’ (29 July, 2020), Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (via Zoom; video presentation)

‘Joint Event Codes’ (4 June, 2020), CEU SOMBY Lab (via Zoom)

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‘Cognitive Penetration and Informational Encapsulation: Have we been failing the module?’ (May, 2019), Glasgow Graduate Conference on Epistemology and Mind, University of Glasgow, UK (with a response by Fiona Macpherson) – winner of the CSPE Graduate Bursary for the top ranked submission on the philosophy of perception.

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