Published & Forthcoming Papers

(2023) ‘Babies Are Born with an Innate Number Sense’ (w/ Jacob Beck) in Scientific American (link)

  • This ↑is a feature article explaining our philosophical work on the number sense to a generalist audience [appears as ‘Born to Count’ in the March ’23 print issue of Scientific American]

(Forthcoming) ‘Is Pain Modular?’ (w/ Laurenz Casser) in Mind & Language [pdf]

(2022) ‘Mapping the Visual Icon’ in The Philosophical Quarterly [pdf]

  • The above paper is related to a blogpost I wrote for The Junkyard

(2022) ‘Beyond the Icon: Core cognition and the bounds of perception’ in Mind & Language [pdf]

  • This ↑ was accepted ages ago (2019), and I’ve since changed my mind about some bits. But the general suggestion that analogue reps need not satisfy the parts principle still seems right to me

(2021) ‘The Number Sense Represents (Rational) Numbers’ (w/ Jacob Beck) in Behavioral and Brain Sciences – a target article, published with 26 commentaries and our response to these [pdf

  • For an accessible write-up of ↑ in Y-File see here.
  • For discussion/interview on Swiss National Radio [mostly in German] see here.
  • For discussion/interview in Die Zeit [in German] see here/here.

(2021) ‘Numbers, Numerosities, and New Directions’ (w/ Jacob Beck) in Behavioral and Brain Sciences – responds to the 26 commentaries our target article ↑ received [pdf]

(2021) ‘Cognitive Penetration and Informational Encapsulation: Have we been failing the module?’ in Philosophical Studies [pdf]

  • A draft of ↑ won Glasgow’s 2019 CSPE GEM bursary for work in philosophy of perception

(2020) ‘Does the Number Sense Represent Number?’ (w/ Jacob Beck) in The Proceedings of the Cognitive Science Society 

(2019) ‘Joint action goals reduce visuomotor interference effects from a partner’s incongruent actions’ (1st author of 6) in Nature’s Scientific Reports [pdfappendix]

(2017) ‘Naïve Realism and Unconscious Perception: a reply to Berger and Nanay’ (w/ Alfonso Anaya) in Analysis [pdf]

In Progress (please email for drafts/results) 

  • Paper arguing that visual images have syntactic structure [a short version of this paper was joint winner of the Tenth (2021) Annual Essay Prize at the Centre for Philosophical Psychology, University of Antwerp]
  • Paper arguing that analog mental representations have a canonical decomposition into privileged constituents from which they compose  [invited contribution, under review at Philosophical Perspectives]
  • Paper introducing recent work on the perception-cognition border (w/ Jacob Beck) [invited contribution, under revision at Philosophy Compass]
  • Paper about a puzzle concerning the dissociation between subtilizing and approximate number representation in developmental psychology
  • Experimental (and philosophical) paper challenging the existence of visual number adaptation and arguing that apparent cases of number adaptation simply involve adaptation to objects (w/ Sami Yousif and Elizabeth Brannon)
  • Experimental study examining the claim that the approximate number system represents rational numbers (w/ Chuyan Qu and Elizabeth Brannon)
  • Experimental study examining the effects of colour on stimulus complexity in mental rotation (w/ Assaf Weksler, Eitan Hemed, Ariel Goldstein, and Baruch Eitman)

Less Developed, But Also in Progress:

  • Paper about mental/computational transitions between format types 
  • Paper asking whether infants represent intentions or just actions/teleological goals
  • Paper arguing that perceptual learning is a bad reason to think perception isn’t encapsulated
  • Paper arguing for a methodological essentialism in psychology (w/ Jake Quilty-Dunn)
  • Paper arguing that the extended mind hypothesis makes a mess of the epistemic basing relation (w/ Sophie Keeling) 
  • Experimental paper on the developmental trajectory of the coherence and connectedness illusions (w/ Chuyan Qu, Francesca Luzzi, Ruining Wang, and Elizabeth Brannon)
  • Experimental paper about the format of approximate ratio representations (w/ Chuyan Qu and Elizabeth Brannon)
  • Experimental paper about the compositional structure of approximate number representations (w/ Chuyan Qu and Elizabeth Brannon)