Published Papers

(Forthcoming) ‘Cognitive Penetration and Informational Encapsulation: Have we been failing the module?’ in Philosophical Studies [pdf]

(Forthcoming) ‘Beyond the Icon: Core cognition and the bounds of perception’ in Mind & Language [pdf]

(2020) ‘Does the Number Sense Represent Number?’ (w/ Jacob Beck) in Proceedings of the 42nd Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society [pdf; video presentation]

(2019) ‘Joint action goals reduce visuomotor interference effects from a partner’s incongruent actions’ in Nature’s Scientific Reports [pdfappendix]

(2019) ‘Naïve Realism and Phenomenal Similarity’ (w/ Alfonso Anaya) in Inquiry [pdf]

(2017) ‘Naïve Realism and Unconscious Perception: a reply to Berger and Nanay’ (w/ Alfonso Anaya) in Analysis [pdf]

(2016) ‘Investigating what felt shapes look like’ in i-Perception [pdf]

In Progress (please email for drafts) 

  • Paper arguing that the number sense represents rational numbers (w/ Jacob Beck)
  • Paper characterizing the iconicity of our ‘pre-attentive’ visual representations (and explaining why mistaken characterizations have derailed prominent debates in philosophy and psychology)
  • Paper about the architecture of object files
  • Introductory paper about the perception-cognition borders – argues for a kind of pluralism (commissioned by Philosophy Compass)
  • Paper arguing that the extended mind hypothesis fails because it’s committed to an implausibly strong form of doxastic voluntarism (w/ Sophie Keeling)
  • Paper arguing that pain signalling is an encapsulated, modular process (but susceptible to various forms of cognitive influence) (w/ Laurenz Casser)
  • Paper about visuomotor interference in social interactions (w/ Steve Butterfill and John Michael)
  • Paper defending a lean account of the contents of experience
  • Paper introducing and (tentatively) responding to a puzzle concerning the role of motor processes in speech perception