Published Papers

(Forthcoming) ‘Beyond the Icon: Core cognition and the bounds of perception’ in Mind & Language [pre-pub]

(2017) ‘Naïve Realism and Unconscious Perception: a reply to Berger and Nanay’ (w/ Alfonso Anaya) in Analysis [pre-pub/pdf]

(2016) ‘Investigating what felt shapes look like’ in i-Perception [pdf]

(2015) Review of ‘The Cambridge Handbook of Cognitive Science’ by Keith Frankish and William Ramsey (eds.), in Philosophical Psychology [pdf]


In Progress (please email for drafts) 

  • Experimental paper showing that joint action goals reduce visuomotor interference from a partner’s incongruent action (w/ Luke McEllin, Anna Francová, Marcell Székely, Steve Butterfill, and John Michael) (R&R) [pre-pub]
  • Paper on phenomenal similarities (w/ Alfonso Anaya) (R&R)
  • Paper defending the encapsulation (but not cognitive impenetrability) of perception (under review)
  • Invited exchange with Cecilia Heyes, discussing her book ‘Cognitive Gadgets’, for Philosophical Psychology
  • Papers arguing that perceptual representations are analogue but not iconic
  • Paper defending the existence of a number sense (w/ Jake Beck)
  • Paper offering a deflationary account of the contents of experience
  • Paper on the role of motor processes in speech perception
  • Paper criticising the teleological stance hypothesis and recommending a modular alternative (a distant ancestor of this paper was discussed as part of Minds Online 2016, with commentaries by Kristin Andrews, Mitchell Herschbach, and Joulia Smortchkova)
  • Paper arguing that the extended mind hypothesis fails (w/ Sophie Keeling)