Published Papers

(Forthcoming) ‘Mapping the Visual Icon’ in The Philosophical Quarterly – this is related to a short blogpost I was invited to write for The Junkyard [pdf]

(Forthcoming) ‘The Number Sense Represents (Rational) Numbers’ (w/ Jacob Beck) in Behavioral and Brain Sciences – to be published as a target article with 29 commentaries and our response to these [pdf

(2021) ‘Cognitive Penetration and Informational Encapsulation: Have we been failing the module?’ in Philosophical Studies – an earlier draft of this paper won Glasgow’s 2019 CSPE GEM prize for work in philosophy of perception [pdf]

(Forthcoming) ‘Beyond the Icon: Core cognition and the bounds of perception’ in Mind & Language [pdf]

(2019) ‘Joint action goals reduce visuomotor interference effects from a partner’s incongruent actions’ in Nature’s Scientific Reports [pdfappendix]

(2017) ‘Naïve Realism and Unconscious Perception: a reply to Berger and Nanay’ (w/ Alfonso Anaya) in Analysis [pdf]

In Progress (please email for drafts) 

  • Paper introducing recent work on the perception-cognition border [commissioned by Philosophy Compass]
  • Paper about the architecture of object files
  • Paper arguing that visual images have syntactic structure (but real images don’t)
  • Paper about mental/computational transitions between format types
  • Paper arguing that the extended mind hypothesis fails because it’s committed to an implausibly strong form of doxastic voluntarism (w/ Sophie Keeling)
  • Paper arguing that pain processing comprises modular mechanisms (w/ Laurenz Casser)
  • Paper about the (multi-module) architecture of the approximate number system
  • Paper on the perception-cognition border and natural kinds (w/ Jake Quilty-Dunn)
  • Experimental study concerning the perception of animacy (w/ Steve Butterfill and John Michael)
  • Experimental study on our spontaneous encoding of joint action events (w/ Steve Butterfill and John Michael)
  • Experimental study concerning the constituent structure of mental imagery (w/ Assaf Weksler and Baruch Eitman)
  • Experimental studies examining approximate (rational) number representations (w/ Elizabeth Brannon and lab)